You asked: Can high school students get Apple music student discount?

Do high school students get an Apple Music discount? Apple Music plan is aimed at students and to qualify, students must be currently attending an eligible university or college and gain a discount for up to four years.

Can high school students get Apple Music discount?

“To qualify for an Apple Music student subscription, you must be a student studying a bachelor degree, post-graduate degree, or equivalent Higher Education course at a University, College (U.S. only) or Post-Secondary School (Canada only).

Can high school students get the Apple student discount?

Simple answer is No for HS’s. Apple’s Education Pricing policy – on new Mac or iPad with Apple education pricing. Available to current and newly accepted college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.

How much does Apple Music cost for high school students?

That means in the U.S., where an individual membership to Apple Music costs $9.99 per month, the student membership will be $4.99 per month instead.

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How do I get student discount on Apple Music?

Navigate to the Unidays Apple Music portal, and click Get Now. When presented with an offer, click or tap Redeem Code. Copy the student discount code, and click or tap Launch Website. Follow the instructions and sign up for an Apple Music subscription with your Unidays student discount or free trial period applied.

Can high school students get $5 Apple Music?

The service is identical in features to the standard plan but rather than paying $9.99 per month, qualifying students can subscribe to Apple Music for $4.99 per month. … Apple has partnered with UNiDAYs to verify people who sign up to the student plan are legitimate students attending a school.

How do high school students get Apple Music?

How to get a student subscription to Apple Music

  1. Open the Apple Music app or iTunes.
  2. Go to Listen Now or For You.
  3. Tap or click the trial offer (one trial per person or family).
  4. Choose Student, then tap or click Verify Eligibility.

How does Apple know if your a student?

It’s fairly easy to prove if you’re in college, or work for a college: you probably have a student ID and / or a college email address. … If Apple isn’t certain about your education-adjacent status, it might email you for verification, but you don’t need to provide any ID or certificates up front.

Do high school students qualify for Spotify student discount?

High school students can get Spotify discount now. … To be eligible for the Spotify Premium, you must be 18 years of age and a student from any accredited high school. If you are eligible, go to Spotify Premium page on your device. If you are not already signed into your account, click ‘Sign-In’.

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Does Apple Check if your a student?

At Apple Stores they ask for school ID to get the educational discount. On line there are no checks, however they reserve the right to ask for proof later and will charge the difference in price if you cannot prove your right to the discount.

Can you get Apple Music for free as a student?

Apple has announced that students who have yet to subscribe to Apple Music can now get a six-month free trial – double the standard three months offered to students – in the United States and select other countries.

Is there a student Family Plan Apple Music?

$9.99/month or $99/year for individuals. $14.99/month for families (up to 6 users) $4.99/month for college students.

How much is a student Netflix account?

If you’re a college student, you can stick to your parents’ Netflix plan. This is another way you can enjoy Netflix for Free. You can have up to five individual profiles within a single Netflix account, no matter what plan you’re on.

#2 Share with your family and friends.

Plan Options Price Screens
Premium plan $15.99 4

Can you listen to Apple Music offline?

After you add music to your library, you can download it to your device to listen to offline.

How does UNiDAYS verify you are a student?

You can create an account with your personal email address to start, but to verify your student status you’ll have to provide your institution name and your student email address. Otherwise, you can authorize via your student portal. Unidays will give you both options.

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Does Apple one have a student discount?

Apple One currently does not have a student discount, but Apple Music has a student discount for $4.99 that comes with Apple TV+. So it is essentially the same without Apple Arcade and 50GB iCloud storage.

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