What is Ford a plan discount?

What is Ford A and Z Plan?

The New Vehicle Purchase Plan for Corporate Employees (A Plan & Z Plan) offers the best savings available on a new Ford Motor Company vehicle to employees, retirees and their immediate family members. … The two plans offer the same prices and terms and they are the best deal available on a new Ford or Lincoln.

How do I qualify for Ford a plan?

Employees (full time, part-time and contract), retirees and spouses of eligible Partner companies (suppliers, fleets, etc.) and members of specific organizations or groups. Residents of the same household as listed above (driver’s license required for proof of residency).

Who is eligible for Ford employee discount?

Eligible Employees and Retirees

Salaried retirees who retired under the General Retirement Plan, including salaried employees who terminate between the ages of 50 and 55 and who are eligible to receive certain deferred retirement benefits, are eligible while they are receiving benefits.

Is Ford Employee Pricing a good deal?

Typically the Employee Pricing deals are the lowest price the dealer can provide making it a great time to buy. The biggest change will be the interest rate. Typically what happens after Employee Pricing there will be a 0% financing event.

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What is a dealer invoice price?

The invoice price, or dealer cost, is what a car manufacturer charges the dealer for the vehicle. … That’s because dealers often receive manufacturer rebates, allowances, discounts or incentives for selling a car. They can also receive a holdback — a refund the dealer gets after making a sale.

Who can use Ford Z Plan?

Those who may participate in the New Vehicle Purchase Plan include eligible Ford Motor Company employees and retirees and their Family and Friends, eligible Ford Motor Company dealership employees, and eligible employees, retirees, and others of certain Ford Motor Company Tier 1 suppliers, business partners, and …

Are nieces and nephews eligible for Ford Z Plan?

Ford is expanding its A/Z Plan PIN program in the U.S. to include aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. From now on, employees and retirees may generate A/Z PINs for these eligible family members.

What is the friends and family discount for Ford?

The Ford X Plan is basically a supplier discount that members of certain companies who are affiliated with Ford. The Friends and Neighbors X Plan can be used by employees and retirees to sponsor purchases made by family and friends. Here’s how it’s calculated: Invoice > 0.4% plus $275 program fee.

Who is Ford Credit through?

Ford Motor Credit Company LLC, d/b/a Ford Credit, is the financial services arm of Ford Motor Company, and is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford Motor Credit Company.

Type Subsidiary
Total assets US$ 122.1 billion (2014)
Total equity US$ 11.37 billion (2014)
Number of employees 6,500 (2014)
Parent Ford Motor Company
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Do Ford dealers have to honor a-Plan?

The dealer is required to provide you with a true copy of the factory invoice showing the New Vehicle Purchase Program price on the line labeled AZ-Plan. You should also receive a complete and signed AXZD-Plan Pricing Agreement showing each item and its price. … The dealership may not charge extra for these items.

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