Quick Answer: How can I get a discount on straight talk?

How can I get a discount on my Straight Talk phone?

How do you get a discount on Straight Talk? Save up to $100 per month with the rewards program, sign up for emails to receive exclusive promotions, and browse the deals and bundles page online. Also, keep your eye on the home page for limited time savings.

How do I use a promo code for Straight Talk?

Promo codes can be redeemed by anybody, no log in needed. Promo codes can only be used online at our commerce pages. Reward Points can only be applied towards an eligible Straight Talk plan when you accumulate the total amount of points needed.

Does Straight Talk have $15 plans?

Unlimited Nationwide Calling – $15 Home Phone Plan | Straight Talk.

What is the cheapest plan that Straight Talk offers?

Includes a 30 Day Service Plan card to get you started which provides: Unlimited Data, first 1GB at high speed, then 2G° Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text.

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Is there a way to get a free month of Straight Talk?

Activate Straight Talk Rewards

Jump on into Straight Talk Rewards for free and earn 200 points just for activating your membership today. Then, test your luck with our Spin‑the‑Wheel Game, and you could win enough points for one month of FREE Service!

Are Straight Talk phones unlocked?

If you bought or lease a phone from Straight Talk, it will be locked so you can only use it with the Straight Talk network. However, you should be able to request an unlock after 12-months of service.

Does Straight Talk have student discount?

No, Straight Talk does not offer student discounts.

Is Straight Talk good?

Straight Talk is a popular prepaid carrier because it’s easy to keep your phone, number and the network that you love. The pricing isn’t the lowest that you can find, but the $45 for 25GB deal is very similar to what other wireless providers market as “unlimited”— and it doesn’t break the bank.

Do Straight Talk points expire?

All Points you have earned will be forfeited if your Straight Talk Account is inactive for sixty (60) or more consecutive days. You may be eligible to keep your Points if you reactivate your Account within sixty (60) days following the forfeiture of your points.

Does Straight Talk have a $10 plan?

Straight Talk- $10 Unlimited Talk Text 5GB Data – Stay Connected Plan / 7 Days.

What is the 30 dollar plan for Straight Talk?

SERVICE DAYS: 30 Days. TALK: Unlimited Nationwide. SPECIAL OFFERS: Save $1.00 when you enroll in Auto-Refill.

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Does Straight Talk have a 20 dollar plan?

Straight Talk- $20 Unlimited Talk Text 10GB Data – Stay.

What does Straight Talk $55 plan include?

Straight Talk’s $55 Ultimate Unlimited 30-Day Plan comes with unlimited talk, text and data at 4G LTE† speeds & 10GB of mobile hotspot. Video typically streams at DVD quality. At 60GB, we reserve the right to review your account for usage in violation of Straight Talk’s terms and conditions.

Is the $55 Straight Talk card really unlimited?

Quick answer: The $55 Ultimate Unlimited plan from Straight Talk gives you unlimited data, talk and text – so you can do all the things you love on your smartphone.

What carrier does Straight Talk use?

Straight Talk is a great option if you’re looking for major network coverage but looking to save a few bucks. Straight Talk plans and phones are sold online or at Walmart stores, and the carrier runs on all four networks (i.e. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint).

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