Question: Should I work at Discount Tire?

Is Discount Tire a good place to work?

I have enjoyed working at Discount Tire Co. It is a fast-paced work environment that has helped support me while I am in school. Discount Tire is very flexible as they work around my school schedule. … Discount Tire also has a good 401K program and health care benefits for both full-time and part-time employees.

How much do u make at Discount Tire?

Discount Tire Co., Inc. Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Automotive Service Technician / Mechanic Range:$8 – $19 Average:$12
Retail Store Assistant Manager Range:$12 – $22 Average:$16
Assistant Manager Range:$12 – $22 Average:$15
Service Coordinator Range:$11 – $17 Average:$14

Do Discount Tire employees get a discount on tires?

The best thing about working at Discount Tire is just how close you get to everyone which makes working in a fast-paced environment that much easier. oh and you get a good discount on tires. It is onnly availible to full time workers.

Does Discount Tire give Christmas bonuses?

2 bonuses a year that they call “gifts” Decent benefits.. Discount. Job can have ability to teach leadership.

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Do Discount Tire employees get paid weekly?

Weekly, every Friday.

Does Discount Tire pay well?

A worker with the title sales person salary at Discount Tire can earn an average yearly salary of $114,081. To get a better sense of the salaries at Discount Tire, other roles such as tire technician and tire changer can be considered as well.

Does Discount Tire have paid training?

Competitive Pay, Closed Sunday, Ongoing Paid Training Programs, Paid Time Off, Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance, 401K with Company Match, Tuition Assistance, Discount on Product and much MORE.

How much do they pay at Home Depot?

The Home Depot in California Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Cashier salaries – 263 salaries reported California $12/hr
Cashier salaries – 237 salaries reported California $24,022/yr
Sales Associate salaries – 220 salaries reported California $13/hr
Sales Associate salaries – 159 salaries reported California $15/hr

How much does Autozone pay hourly?

AutoZone, Inc. Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Parts Manager Range:$11 – $16 Average:$13
Sales Associate Range:$8 – $13 Average:$10
Delivery Driver Range:$8 – $14 Average:$11
Commercial Sales Manager Range:$13 – $20 Average:$16

What should I wear to a Discount Tire interview?

Applicants should wear business casual attire. Additionally, job hopefuls want to cover tattoos and remove any piercings. When starting off the interview, applicants should greet interviewers with firm handshakes.

How hard is it being a tire technician?

Being a tire technician involves a lot of standing, crouching, and heavy lifting, which makes it quite a demanding profession physically. Attention to detail will take you a long way, and the more experience you gain, the easier you will find it to get hired.

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Are Discount Tire employees on commission?

In the long run, they’re making commission money, one way or another. Every dedicated tire place I’ve dealt with are on commission. Only exception are the big box store shops.

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