Question: How does Verizon employee discount work?

How do I use my Verizon employee discount?

As a benefit of your employment with your organization, you may be eligible to purchase Verizon Wireless equipment and wireless service at a discount. The quickest way to register for an employee discount is use our online registration by visiting us at

How much is the Verizon employee discount?

Employee Comments

Verizon gives a small discount on FIOS service and a great discount on wireless. You do get 50% off wireless plans and discounts for home internet and video.

How do I check my employee discount on Verizon?

Or you can check your eligibility by entering your work email address on Verizon’s discount program page. If you’re: Eligible – You see a confirmation that lists your discount amounts. Not eligible – You can check with your company for more information.

What companies give Verizon employees discounts?

UPS – 22% off voice and data plans and 25% off accessories. United States Postal Service (USPS) – 22% on voice and data plans and 25% on accessories. Viacom – 17% off voice and data plans. Walgreens – 20% off voice and data plans and 25% off accessories.

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What perks do Verizon employees get?

Benefit from competitive salaries and performance-based incentives, plus 401(k) savings with company match. You’ll also enjoy discounts on Verizon products, get access to adoption expense assistance, and be eligible for our matching gifts program.

Can you use 2 employee discounts Verizon?

You can only use 1 type of discount (e.g., either an employee or military discount, not both). We can’t contact your employer or organization to verify your employment or affiliation.

Do Verizon employees get free phones?

The company provides discounts on plans and not phones. Yes. … Free phones are obtainable via sales contests etc.

How can I get my Verizon bill lowered?

Steps to lower your Verizon bill

  1. Find your latest statement and review your current plan features.
  2. Call Verizon at 1 (800) 922-0204 or chat with them online.
  3. See if you can save by changing your plan or getting line discounts.
  4. Check if you’re overpaying on Verizon phone insurance.

What is Verizon loyalty discount?

The other big change with Verizon’s new prepaid plans is their customer loyalty discount. Customers who stay signed up for 4 months receive $5 off their bill, and customers who stay signed up for 10 months receive $10 off their bill. This loyalty discount is in addition to the $5 off auto-pay discount.

Do doctors qualify for Verizon discount?

Both Verizon and AT&T are offering discounts on some postpaid unlimited plan types to qualifying nurses, teachers – and on AT&T, physicians. These discounts apply only to select plans – and proof of eligibility is required.

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How does Verizon verify employment?

Contact Us About Validation

For faster service, check your status online. 2. You can send us an email by filling out the form below. If you were unable to get an answer online or through email, please contact an Employment Validation customer service representative at 1-800-890-8007.

Do Costco members get a Verizon discount?

You Can Get a Plan With Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile

Costco doesn’t partner with discount providers such as Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile, which typically have lower prices on unlimited and by-the-gigabyte data plans.

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