Question: How do I get free MPL coupons?

How can I get free MPL coupons?

Just Download MPL App From Given Link Here. :Download Here and use Refer code: N5G25GJM to get Free Rs. 75 to Play the Superteam fantasy cricket and win real cash.

What is the MPL coupon code?

MPL Referral Code July 2021: Rs.200 Signup + Rs.100 Cash Today

MPL Referral code MPL Today Promo Code & Offers Users/ customers
Get Rs. 150 on MPL Referral code N56EMQ8G First-time Users
Get 100% Cashback Bonus on Your First Time Deposit N56EMQ8G All Users
Get Rs.50 on Downloading MPL App Download MPL App All users

How can I get MPL token coupon?

In the homepage section, Go to “Wallet”. Scroll down to see “TOTAL TOKEN BALANCE”. Now click on “EARN MORE” option. Click on the “ENTER TOKEN COUPON CODE” option available at the very bottom.

How do I get a MPL referral code?

How does the MPL Refer and Earn program work?

  1. Download the app to share the referral code with your friends from inside the app.
  2. Find the Refer & Earn tab at the bottom right corner inside the app.
  3. Share with friends on whatsapp.
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Is MPL safe?

Is the MPL safe? Now the big question remains whether these games played on MPL which promise to earn you money is safe to play or not? The answer to it is Yes, the app is absolutely safe and have provided with loads of entertainment and prizes to its users efficiently.

How do I buy MPL tickets?

After installing the MPL app and registering, go to the Fantasy section, click on the cricket contests, and you will find a banner on the top that says “Get MPL INR 99 Season Ticket”. Click on the banner, and you will get two options – to buy a ticket worth INR 99 or INR 499.

How do I get my MPL bonus money?

How to Convert MPL Bonus Cash to Winning Cash

  1. Page Contents hide. 1 Mobile Premier League. …
  2. You can look at the various matches.
  3. Choose the match as per your sports interest.
  4. Here You will have to add or create a team.
  5. Now Tab ‘Register Team’ and Pay the bonus cash.
  6. When you win the contest, you will get winning cash.

How do I get my free bonus cash in MPL?


  1. Open MPL pro app.
  2. Go to Token tab on the top left hand side.
  3. Click on Enter Coupon to get Free token.
  4. Enter Coupon Code WCPAKWI75.

What is referral code of Winzo gold?

Winzo Gold App Referral Code 2021

WinZo Gold Offer Details 2021
Winzo Gold Referral Code SAGFB15B
Signup Amount Rs.50 as Joining Bonus
Winzo Refer & Earn Amount Rs.37 Per Refer
Extra Benefits Earn Upto ₹5 Lakh
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Is MPL banned?

Yes, MPL is banned in Tamil Nadu. The recently passed bill seeks to cyberspace gambling games like Rummy and Poker. … The reason for bringing in this bill, according to the government, was to curb the rising addiction of such online gaming platforms and to prevent people from being cheated.

How do I redeem MPL?

You can withdraw money only from the winnings account in your account once your account is KYC verified. This verification is a one-time process which doesn’t need to be repeated unless you wish to make changes to your account. Once your account is verified, you can withdraw money from your MPL account.

How do I redeem my MPL code?

MPL Reward Codes

  1. Second Step: Click Redeem.
  2. Click Redeem. Third Step: Put the Redemption Code,Game ID and click Send. Go to your Mobile Legends App and click the Mail button at the TOP.
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