How do you get the KO Night belt in free fire?

Apart from completing daily missions, you can get these belts from the Training Ground or from the map in casual and ranked battle royale matches. Using these belts, you have to defeat the opponents.

How do you get a KO free fire belt?

The two tokens mentioned above can be acquired via match drops: 2x KO Night Fighter Belt – April 17 to May 2 (Max 20 daily) 2x KO Night Ultimate Belt – Only on April 24 (Max 20 daily)

Lv. 1 Fighter rewards:

  1. Resupply Map.
  2. Armor Crate.
  3. Supply Crate.
  4. Summon Airdrop.
  5. Leg Pockets.
  6. Bonfire.
  7. Scan.

How do you get the KO Night ultimate belt in free fire?

Ultimate Fighter event

During this event, players must complete daily missions to attain the K.O. Night Fighter Belt and the K.O. Night Ultimate Belt. These tokens can be collected after the match drops. The specifics for them are as follows: 2x KO Night Fighter Belt – April 17 to May 2 (Max 20 daily)

How do you get free clothes on free fire?

Get a permanent costume for free

  1. LOGIN. Login the game with your email address or Facebook account and be an authorized user of the game.
  2. WEEKLY SPINS. Once you are done with the authorization of your account, you can now have your weekly spins which would ensure to get you permanent clothing, for free.
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How do I update my free fire?

Open Free Fire and click on the “Calendar” icon. Navigate through the “Events” section and tap on the “Update for rewards” section.

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