How do I get free samples from Smytten?

How do I get more trials on smytten?

Smytten is an app that can be used to obtain full size and trial size products to try. You can avail 5 trial points just by signing up. If you refer people you can get trial points. If you buy products you get trial points.

What is free trial in smytten?

All you need to do is Download the App & you get 6 Free Trials, where you only pay for shipping! It’s really that simple! Smytten Is India’s Largest Luxury Discovery Platform Where You Get To Try, Purchase And Interact With The Best Of Premium Brands And Services Handpicked For You.

Is smytten app authentic?

from the quality of the product to its authenticity, it is all genuine and reliable. the offers that they provide makes it much easier to trust the product, brand, its quality and of course the company. … overall trying out products from smytten and then buying them afterwords was a journey very smooth.

How are smytten trials?

Users coming onto the app can see multiple products across different categories. They get to try and get 6 trial points. Once the users choose the products, they have to check out by paying Rs 199 out of which, Rs 169 is transferred to the Smytten wallet for users to make a purchase of full size product post trial.

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How do I convert my Smytten wallet to cash?

Remember you need to pay 199 rupees delivery charge. In that, you will get 169 as a refund in your smytten wallet. You can use this money under the shop products. ( it has only 30 days validity).

How do I sell on Smytten?

How can I sell on smytten?

  1. Download and open the Smytten App (available for both IOS and Android users) & register to become a member.
  2. As soon as you sign-up as a member, you unlock 6 Free Trial Points.
  3. Avail of your Free Trials, make a purchase and get more Free Trial Points.

Is Smytten a safe app?

if Smytten is safe? … The Consumer satisfaction score of Smytten is 61.29% because out of 0 consumer complaints, only 19 are resolved.

How do I use my Smytten free trial points?

Go to Smytten refer and earn free samples tab and refer 1 friend get ₹200 for free.

  1. Share your refer code with your friends and ask them to sign up using your referral code.
  2. When they sign up using your referral code and order 6 samples, you will receive Smytten Free Samples and a free perfume.

Is there any app like Smytten?

Smytten’s competitors

Smytten’s top competitors include emarket, Ecmoho, Feelunique and Klippers.

How do I use referral cash on Smytten app?

How to order products on Smytten using Referral Cash :

  1. First of all open Smytten App.
  2. Then click on the 3 lines on bottom left corner.
  3. Now click on REFER & EARN.
  4. Scroll down and you will see number of products with their price.
  5. Buy any one one of those products using your Referral Cash.
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Can I cancel Smytten trial order?

Once an order is placed, it can be cancelled within 3 hours at no extra cost and the entire money will be refunded into the account of the instrument used.

How can I get products for free?

You can get free pantry samples from Amazon. Even Flipkart offers groceries at Rs 1. Add products to cart and checkout as soon as possible. Rewardme is also a popular platform to get free samples online everything from cosmetics to baby care products.

Who is the owner of Smytten?

Swagat Sarangi – Co-Founder – Smytten | LinkedIn.

How do I permanently delete my Smytten account?

In order to delete your account follow these steps:

  1. 1) Go to the main Menu of the app (by clicking 3 lines icon in the bottom left on iPhone, or on the top left on Android)
  2. 2) Click on “Support”
  3. 3) Click “Delete Account”
  4. 4) Make sure to choose a deletion reason and click “DELETE ACCOUNT”
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