How do I get a promo code for Skitto SIM?

How do I get a promo code for Skitto?

To get the promo code, go to the link

What is Skitto promo code?

Promo codes are unique codes that you can use to buy your skitto SIM. When you use a promo code to buy your skitto SIM, you will get additional bonus data!

How do you get free internet on Skitto?

Now, you can get 3 GB free internet for 7 days from Skitto New SIM Offer. Most importantly, you have to Sign up for Skitto SIM app. Besides, you will get 1 GB free internet in the first month of registering for Skitto. Then, you will get 1 GB free internet for 7 days for both second and third month.

How do you know if SIM offers Skitto?

To check the available Skitto minute offer packs, dial *121*1*1#.

What is Skitto number?

Member. You can dial 121 from skitto sim or call 01701000121 number from any sim operator.

How do I buy Skitto minutes?

Ans: If you want to know the Skitto SIM offer, you just need to dial *247# and select Grameenphone and click the Skitto option. Now you can see the Skitto SIM offer, and you can buy at the same time to complete the upper process.

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How do I check my Skitto balance without app?

To check Skitto Internet without app you need to dial a USSD code. The code is *121#. Then you will get a menu of service they provide. From there you can Check Balance, MB Balance, Data volume, SMS Balance and Internet validity.

What is the price of Skitto SIM?

You can become the proud owner of a skitto SIM by simply visiting any skitto pick up points. Please note, you will need to bring your NID information when buying the SIM. By the way, the price of our SIM is tk 200.

How do I buy Skitto SMS?

10 SMS@Tk.1_ any local number 24 hours or 1-day validity. 100 SMS@Tk.10_ all number for 7 days or one-week using duration. There is no USSD code to buy Skitto SMS pack. But if you want to buy it by logging in to the official website or via Apps.

How do I buy skitto Internet?

We have this very handy and neat skitto app which will let you buy internet packages quickly and easily. Once you open your app, swipe the bottom yellow bar to locate the ‘data’ option and click on the ‘buy data’ button to purchase your desired pack.

How do I buy skitto MB pack?

simply dial *247#. Then select “mobile recharge” and select “Grameenphone”. Under “Grameenphone” you will get the “skitto” option. Simply type the amount you want to reload and enter your bKash PIN to confirm.

How do I recharge my skitto SIM?

How do I reload my skitto account?

  1. by visiting any flexiload shops and asking the retailer to dial *666*your skitto number*amount you want to reload*retailer’s flexiload PIN#
  2. Reload from your bKash account using the bKash app or by dialing *247#
  3. Mobicash/gpay mobile wallet.
  4. Debit/credit cards. PayWell.
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How do I get a Bondho SIM offer?

Grameenphone Gp Bondho SIM Offer 2021

  1. The offer is applicable for customers who did not have any activity in GP network since 02-10-2020.
  2. By dialing *121*5000# eligible customer will get 5GB Internet (validity 30 days) and 48 Poisha/minute call rate to any local number for 30 days at 47 taka (Including VAT, SD and SC)

What is the benefit of Skitto SIM?

With a new skitto SIM and a super simple and fun app, you can control all skitto features with just a touch. Whether you make a call, buy data packs or SMS, you don’t have to get lost in the jungle of USSD codes and endless “darun_offers”!

How can I check GP SIM offer?

Offer Details:

To check the amount dial *566# and for bonus dial *121*1*2#

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