How can I get Vodafone household discount?

The Discount is available to existing Vodafone Pay monthly customers who have at least one plan at full price (i.e. not discounted) on at least a 12-month minimum term plan (‘Account Owner’). This applies to handset, SIM only, airtime or mobile broadband plans.

Does Vodafone still do Family Pack?

Vodafone Family has now been discontinued. This means you are unable to join it as a new customer. If you already have Vodafone Family, it will remain active until you cancel. However, you won’t be able to add new members or change the size of your group.

What is Vodafone loyalty discount?

Vodafone rewarding loyalty with discounts up to 20% for multiple services. … The discounts start at 5% for two services, going up to 20% if you’ve got five services. This includes Post-Paid Mobile, Mobile Broadband and NBN 50 and 100 plans.

Do existing Vodafone customers get better deals?

If you’re an existing customer you’ll get a 15% discount on selected additional plans – whether it’s a phone or tablet for the kids, or a SIM only plan packed with data for you.

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Does Vodafone give free gifts?

Vodafone has just announced the launch of its new VeryMe Rewards scheme which it says will offer customers free gifts and discounts on a range of products. The new money-saving offers are available to all pay monthly and pay as you go users and even include cut-price cinema tickets and free costa coffee.

Is it cheaper to have a family plan?

The total cost of a family plan tends to be higher than the total cost of a single-line plan.

Can I add another phone to my Vodafone account?

As an existing Vodafone Pay Monthly customer, you’re eligible for great savings when adding an additional plan to your account, perfect for when your friends or family need a new phone or SIM only plan. Or you can treat yourself to a new tablet or mobile broadband device.

Which Vodafone plan is best?

The best Vodafone unlimited plan seems to be the Rs. 599 plan which provides unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day and 1.5 GB data per day for a validity of 84 days. And the Rs. 499 plan which provides the same benefits for a validity of 70 days.

What is the cheapest Vodafone plan?

The cheapest postpaid phone plan from Vodafone is $40 per month, with 10GB data plus unlimited capped-speed data, on a month-to-month plan. If you want more fast-speed data, the $45 plan will give you 30GB of data each month.

How long do I have left on my Vodafone contract?

To find out if you’re still in contract with Vodafone, simply log into your ‘My Vodafone’ account and select ‘Upgrade or change plan. ‘ This will show you the date your contract will end. You can also check via the Vodafone app, under ‘My products and services. ‘ Simply click ‘My Plan’ to see when your contract ends.

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How do I upgrade my Vodafone contract?

When and how can I upgrade my Pay monthly phone contract?

  1. In the app: Choose My products and services in the menu followed by Upgrade or change plan.
  2. In My Vodafone: Choose Upgrade or change plan in the menu after logging in.

What is Vodafone Red family plan?

With the latest Rs 948 (without taxes) family postpaid plan, Vi is giving unlimited data, and unlimited local, STD, and national roaming voice calling benefits to any network. It even includes 100 SMSes for one rental period.

Do Vodafone do laptops?

In total Vodafone are offering 3 laptops which are the Acer Aspire One D257, the Acer TimelineX 4830T and the Acer Aspire 5250. … The final laptop available is the Aspire 5250 which is available on a 2GB of a month contract costing £35 a month. You’ll also have to pay a £49 fee up-front.

Do you get a free TV with Vodafone?

Vodafone also offers a free Apple TV 4K and 12-month subscription to Apple TV Plus to all customers who add its Pro Xtra service add-on to their package when they sign up for Vodafone broadband.

Is Netflix free on Vodafone?

If you want Netflix too, then you can buy Vodafone’s RedX plan, which is priced at Rs 1,099 per month. … It even comes with one year of free Netflix TV & Mobile plan. Originally, this plan will cost you Rs 5,988 per year, which you are saving with Vodafone’s RedX plan.

How can I get free data in Vodafone?

How to Avail Vodafone Free Data offer?

  1. Recharge your Vodafone with a recharge plan.
  2. Dial *999# or Open My Vodafone app.
  3. Choose free data option.
  4. Up to 10GB Free data will be credited to your account.
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