How can I get a discount at Premier Inn?

Do Premier Inn have discount codes?

Premier Inn do not promote any special discount codes or vouchers so if you want to make sure that you get the very best and lowest price you should book direct. Saver rates are subject to availability at selected hotels, We recommend you book early.

Does Premier Inn do loyalty scheme?

The Premier Inn affiliates programme is open to lots of different types of affiliate websites, however we do not operate cash-back or loyalty programmes. The more relevant your website audience is to Premier Inn, the more successful your application is likely to be.

Will Premier Inn prices go down?

Prices can go up or down, but mainly go up, so book it if you’re happy with the price.

Do Premier Inn do NHS discount?

Please note that currently there is no official NHS discount at Premier Inn. However, we have provided you with the best savings and deals.

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Do hotel prices go down last minute?

Since hotels are always aiming to maximize their occupancy rate, many will decrease their rates if they aren’t meeting their expected targets. … That’s why you’ll often see hotels dropping their prices a few days before a check-in date or on the day of arrival.

Is it cheaper to book a hotel at the last minute?

In fact, one of the best times to book a room as far as price goes is at the last minute—a day or two before you’re staying, when others have canceled their bookings for the same timeframe. Luxury hotels with empty rooms will be eagerly trying to fill those hotel rooms and drop their prices accordingly.

Does Travelodge blue light discount?

No, there isn’t any specific Blue Light card deal for Travelodge. Although you can use our discounts above to save money when booking!

What discount do Premier Inn employees?

Every time you visit one of our Premier Inns or restaurants, you’ll enjoy a discount of at least 25% (and up to 50% off a stay in Premier Inn). Encouraging and investing in our teams is at the heart of our culture.

Is Premier Inn on booking com?

Premier Inn has been able to achieve such a high level of direct booking for a couple of reasons. … Of course Premier Inn does sometimes use online travel agents, but the inventory on, say, is limited and tightly controlled.

Is it OK to stay in a hotel?

Staying in a hotel is very low-risk if you’re vaccinated, separated from other people, and going straight to and from your room, said CNN Medical Analyst Dr. … Staying in a hotel can be less risky than other activities since you have your own room, but you still need to be careful in common areas.

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Are Premier Inn prices per room or per person?

Yes, as written by the others, the price for Premier Inn is normally per room so if there are 2 of you in the room, the price will remain the same. If however you add breakfast, the price will be per person. over a year ago. The price quoted on the Premier Inn website is per room.

Do you get NHS discount at Argos?

Does Argos do NHS discount? Argos does not currently offer NHS discount at this moment. However, they do provide a number of special offers in their clearance and sale ranges. They also frequently supply voucher codes for electricals and large appliances with up to 20% off.

Can I use my blue light card at B&Q?

If accepted, B&Q may only take your American Express card online, at some stores or online, over the phone (check blue light card discount at b&q) and/or via mail order, on all or some products and services.

Do Premier Inn provide towels?

What’s in my room? … Each room also has a full-length mirror, a hairdryer, hanging space for clothes and global plug sockets (both European and UK). We’ve even thrown in complimentary shower gel and a bottle of still mineral water. You’ll also find one towel per guest, ask for more if you need them.

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