Frequent question: How much is the military discount at Ray Ban?

How much is the Ray-Ban teacher discount?

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The educators and students get a helping hand with unique Ray-Ban coupons. Teachers get a 15% discount, and students can register with UNiDAYS for exclusive offers and discounts.

Are Ray Bans allowed in the Army?

Soldiers are not allowed to wear sunglasses in the field, unless specifically specified otherwise by their commander. … Soldiers are not allowed to attach ribbons, chains, and bands with their sunglasses. The rules restrict the soldiers from hanging their sunglasses and sunglass cases on their uniform.

Does Ray-Ban Give birthday discounts?

No, Ray-Ban does not offer birthday discounts.

Is Ray-Ban Polarized worth it?

The quick answer is that polarized sunglasses minimize glare and give you a clear, crisp view. However, the polarization can cause problems with anti-glare technology and may not be an option for some. UV Ray Protection: … Polarized sunglasses offer much better (some even 99-100%) protection from both kinds of UV rays.

Are Ray-Bans ever on sale?

It is unlikely that you’ll find true Ray Bans for any lower than that as there’s simply no need to have a sale for something that sells itself. If you see “sales” on Ebay or Amazon, then you are almost certainly looking at counterfeit products being vended.

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What color glasses can you wear in military uniform?

Sunglass lens colors must be traditional gray, brown, or dark green shades. Eyeglass lenses or frames that are so large or so small that they detract from the appearance of the uniform are not permitted. Eyeglass restraints are authorized only when required for safety purposes.

Can you wear sunglasses while in army uniform?

Personnel will not hang eyeglasses or eyeglass cases on the uniform and may not let glasses hang from eyeglass restraints down the front of the uniform. Glasses may not be worn on top of the head at any time.

Does Sunglass Hut give birthday coupons?

SunPerks is the Sunglass Hut Rewards Program that is completely free to customers. When you sign up you receive 50% off replacement coverage, birthday discounts and season offers, and priority access to new product drops.

Can I return customized Raybans?

We only accept returns on items purchased from, customized (REMIX) frames included. Items purchased from Authorized Ray-Ban retailers must be returned to the place of purchase. All refunds will occur via the original payment method.”

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