Does silk Fred do student discount?

Student discount is a special discount provided by SilkFred to people who are still studying in school. To reduce students’ economical stress, SilkFred Student Discount is generally from 10% to 30%.

Do SilkFred do NHS discount?

Yes, NHS Workers can enjoy SilkFred NHS Discount when checking out in SilkFred. Supposed that you are desire to the discount, you’d better reserve it right now.

Does shopbop have a student discounts?

You can get a 10% Shopbop student discount after verifying your student ID.

Does SilkFred have a shop?

SilkFred is an online platform only, we don’t have a shop.

Does Revolve have a student discount?

No, Revolve does not offer student discounts.

Do you have to pay for SilkFred returns?

Returns within mainland UK are free, woohoo! To create a return follow the steps below and if you need any help contact or chat with one of our team using live chat. Log into your SilkFred account. Go to ‘My Orders’ and click ‘View’.

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