Does Optus give discount?

While Optus doesn’t have a myriad of discounts available there is one plan that stands out.

Does Optus give discounts to pensioners?

No, Optus do not give pensioners a discount, you might get lucky if you try Telstra they used to give a discount.

Is Optus cheaper than Telstra?

Breaking it down into three different categories makes it easier to compare. Optus tends to be cheaper than Telstra, but Telstra does offer bonuses unavailable anywhere else.

Does Optus give bonus data?

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Postpaid 20GB Bonus Data: Available to customers with an eligible postpaid mobile plan. Log into the My Optus app between 01/04/20 – 30/04/20 to activate. … Additional data will be forfeited if your rate plan or number changes. Bonus Data may take up to 72 hours to apply and does not rollover.

Which Optus plan is the best?

It all depends on how often you use your phone.

  • Best value. Optus. Epic Data $40. 40GB/mth (first 3 recharges) 28-day expiry.
  • Best budget. Optus. Epic Value $150. 120GB. 365-day expirty.
  • Postpaid alternative. Optus. $55 Choice Plan. 80GB/mth. $55 per month.
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Does Aldi give senior discounts?

Similar brands like Aldi offer Senior Discounts

Aldi senior discounts are based solely on age, with eligibility often starting from the age of 60. Does Aldi Offer Senior Discounts? Yes, Aldi offers senior discounts to those who aged 60 or more in its both stores and online, you can get it with your ID card.

Can pensioners get free internet?

We’re often asked, “do pensioners get BT Broadband for free?”. Unfortunately, it is not free. … While not specifically for pensioners, it is worth looking at if you need a very cheap internet service; read our guide to broadband on benefits for more information.

Is Optus slower than Telstra?

Telstra takes the lead in Australia’s major cities

In Download Speed Experience, Telstra was the winner in five cities and tied with Optus in one city. We also saw the download speed Telstra users enjoy soar to 73.4 Mbps in Adelaide, which was 26.1% higher than its national score of 47.3 Mbps.

Is Optus network better than Telstra?

A quick glance at the 5G coverage map below shows that Telstra has superior 5G coverage in most major cities. Optus has a decent 5G footprint too, but if you use the dropdown in the map below to switch between the two providers, you’ll see that Telstra has a higher density of coverage in metropolitan areas.

Who is the best phone provider in Australia?

Best SIM + handset phone plan provider – Vodafone

  • Overall satisfaction. Vodafone 81% Other 80% Telstra 79% Average 78% Optus 76%
  • Network reliability. Vodafone 77% Other 77% Telstra 82% Average 79% …
  • Network coverage. Vodafone 75% Other 79% Telstra 83% Average 79% …
  • Value for money. Vodafone 79% Other 83% Telstra 74% Average 76%
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How can I get free data with Optus?

To play our part in supporting your access needs, we are giving all eligible mobile subscribers a one off 20GB of free extra data which can be activated within My Optus app anytime during the month of April and valid for 30 days from activation.

Is Optus still doing double data?

Available on $40 or more recharges made between 29 March 2021 and 18 July 2021 on eligible Optus Prepaid Mobile Voice services with an allocated data allowance. Double data will expire as per your standard recharge expiry.

How do I get free credit with Optus?

To get some emergency credit before your next recharge, text IOU to 468. We’ll put some credit on your phone and subtract the credit from your balance the next time you recharge.

What does $30 Optus recharge get?

$30 Optus Prepaid Epic Data includes:

Unlimited calls to standard national numbers (mobile/landlines), 13/1300 numbers and Voicemail. Unlimited standard national SMS and MMS. … $5 Extras Credit for international calls and messages, roaming and selected premium SMS services.

How much is unlimited data with Optus?

Optus’s unlimited data starts from $39 per month

The amount of full speed data you’ll get from Optus increases from there. Once you hit your cap, your download speed will be reduced to 1.5Mbps.

What do you get with $20 Optus recharge?

$20 Extras Credit for international calls and SMS/ MMS, roaming and selected premium SMS services. Expiry 3 days 7 days 14 days 28 days Rollover Roll over unused data up to 50GB if you recharge with any MyData Add-on before expiry.

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