You asked: Does Jeffree Star Have a Morphe discount?

No surprise. A week after Morphe announced it was ‘cutting commercial ties’ with Jeffree Star, the makeup brand has discounted all Jeffree Star Cosmetics products on its site, as well as items from its Morphe X Jeffree Star collab. This is no small discount, either.

Does Jeffree Star offer discount codes?

Q: Does Jeffree Star have discount codes? A: Jeffree Star provides limited-time discount codes occasionally.

Does Jeffree Star own half of Morphe?

“We can confirm that Jeffree Star retains no ownership of Morphe. He’s not an investor. He’s not a co-owner. Our only relationship is through retail distribution of Jeffree Star Cosmetics and our 2019 MorpheX collaboration,” a representative for the company told Insider in June.

Why did Jeffree Star get kicked out of Morphe?

Morphe announced that it’s cutting ties with Jeffree Star after weeks of backlash following an explosive video by makeup vlogger Tati Westbrook. “Today we’ve made the decision to cease all commercial activity related to Jeffree Star and affiliated products,” the cosmetics brand tweeted on Friday.

Why is Morphe so cheap?

So they are built and packed well in that case. The shadows do include Talc, which is why the products are so affordable. Higher end brands omit that ingredients, which is why theirs cost more. But honestly, I’d rather spend my money on eyeshadows from Morphe.

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How much is Jeffree Star free shipping?

Free shipping for domestic orders over $125 and international orders over $175!

How much is Jeffree Star Shipping?

Orders ship between one and two days after the order is placed. However, the brand does note that restocks and new releases often mean an extra two days worth of delay. So generally speaking, your order will ship anywhere from one to four days after it’s placed. Shipping is pretty cheap at $5.95.

Who owns Morphe?

What is going on with Jeffree Star and Morphe?

In July 2020, Jeffree Star Cosmetics lost its partnership with Morphe. The split came after several other beauty influencers cut ties with Morphe, with some stating overtly and some implicitly that they were doing so in response to allegations of racism made about Star.

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