Where do you enter promo code on Yankee Candle?

Enter the promo code in the shopping bag to redeem the offer. On yankeecandle.com, you can enter promo codes on the right side of the shopping bag. On our mobile site (m.yankeecandle.com), you can enter promo codes in the center section of the shopping bag.

How do you use Yankee Candle coupons online?

How do I use my Yankee Candle coupon code?

  1. Visit the Yankee Candle website and select the products that you want to buy.
  2. Click the bag icon at the top of the page to view your purchases.
  3. Copy the code, and paste it in the “Enter Promo Code” box, then hit “Apply.”

Can you stack coupons at Yankee Candle?

No, Yankee Candle does not allow coupon stacking.

Does Yankee Candle price match online?

No, Yankee Candle does not offer price matching.

Can I recycle my Yankee Candle jars?

If you have removed all of the wax, the wick, and the label, then your empty glass jars can be curbside recycled — but please recycle all of your candle jar lids through TerraCycle®, as lids are not accepted by local recycling programs.

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Why are Yankee Candles bad?

Your Yankee Candles of the world still rely on Paraffin wax, which throws scent well, but produces numerous toxic carcinogens and emits harmful vapors into the air. These toxins are very unsafe and can even cause cancer if too much is ingested. … This is the result of the candle consuming more wax than it can burn.

Sage & Citrus: One of the most beloved Yankee Candle scents of all time, this candle combines earth and herbal smells with citrus to create a refreshing fragrance you’ll burn every month of the year.

Why does Yankee Candle take so long shipping?

If you have placed an order with Yankee Candle online, please note that our shipping carrier has become overwhelmed, creating a delay in shipping times. At this time, the carrier believes that packages should arrive in time for the holiday.

Does Yankee Candle ever have sales?

Yankee Candle hosts their semi-annual sales in December-January, then again in June.

How can I get cheap Yankee candles?

8 Ways to Save on Yankee Candle

  1. Shop the Sale Scenter. Yankee Candle online offers a sale area with an incredibly fun name where buyers can search for all kinds of deals. …
  2. Buy from alternative locations. …
  3. Check KCL. …
  4. Shop the Semi-Annual Sale. …
  5. Visit an outlet. …
  6. Follow on Facebook. …
  7. Think alternately. …
  8. Buy with confidence.

How much is Yankee shipping?

Shipping Information

Shipping Options Estimated arrival Order sub-total of $0 to $49.99 ($0 – 24.99 for Fragrance Lovers)
Economy* 5-8 days $5.99
Standard 4-7 days $8.98
3 Day 3 days $19.99
2 Day 2 days $26.99
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Does Yankee Candle use PayPal?

In order to access items in your saved Shopping Bag from a different device, you must also log into your Yankee Candle account on that device as well. We accept the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard®, American Express, and Discover. PayPal.

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