What time of year do linens go on sale?

January is “white sale” season, and it’s the best time to shop these home essentials. Started in 1878 by John Wanamaker to boost post-holiday sales at his department store, January has a long tradition of providing steep discounts on bedding and linens for your home.

What is the best month to buy bedding?

If you’re looking to restock your linen closet on the cheap, the best time to buy is January, February, and August.

When should you buy linens?

Experts say January is the best month to buy bedding and linens at the lowest prices. Historically, department stores have always held “white sales” on linens, sheets, and towels at the beginning of the year, in order to clear out inventory on their shelves and make way for new merchandise.

Why are white sales in January?

Origins. In 1878, John Wanamaker of Philadelphia department store fame decreed January to be the time for a “White sale”. Bed linens, which were available in white only, were sold at a discount. This was done to increase sales for these items at a time of the year when sales were normally slow.

Are there white sales in January?

Typically, white sales take place in January, with many launching during the first half of the month. Over the years, major discounts bed and bath goodies during the summer as well. January is prime time as retailers look to cater to new year shoppers.

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What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a site-wide sale, so there were deals across all of Amazon’s product categories including tech, fashion, beauty and home. You could find discounts on Amazon devices as well as great deals on robot vacuums, headphones and kitchen appliances.

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