Question: What is the staff discount at Screwfix?

Staff discount 20% at Screwfix and B&Q.

Does Screwfix give staff discount?

As a part of the Kingfisher group all of our colleagues get 20% off B&Q and Screwfix products.

Can I use my B&Q staff discount card at Screwfix?

No discount at screwfix however they can get discount in store…. dissapointing. Also there is no such thing as Store team bonus during the year anymore. You get a 20% discount unless it’s a head office promotion then you pay the price which is still a good deal even without the discount.

What is normal staff discount?

Research by Jobs & Money has found that staff discounts vary from as little as 10% to as much as 60% or more, with the top-end fashion houses offering staff the most significant reductions. There’s one group that don’t simply enjoy a discount with one store – they are offered discounts almost everywhere.

How much do Screwfix pay per hour?

The average Screwfix hourly pay ranges from approximately £10 per hour for a a Customer Service to £11 per hour for a a Trade Manager. Screwfix employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.6/5 stars.

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How much do B&Q pay per hour?

The average B&Q hourly pay ranges from approximately £8 per hour for a a Cashier to £838 per hour for a a Customer Advisor.

Can you use Screwfix staff discount online?

You cannot apply Staff Discount online.

How much is B&M staff discount?

B&M Retail Employee Discount

10% for famhousehold a bonus but can’t proove who they are to get it. 10% Discount is the best benefit, apart from that no real other benefits.

How do I get B&Q staff discount at screwfix?

Redeeming your B&Q discount code. Choose your items and add them to ‘my basket‘ Once you are on the ‘my basket’ page, scroll down (look at do b&q staff get discount at screwfix) and select ‘add voucher’ Paste your B&Q code and click ‘add discount’. Follow the steps on the website to checkout and you’re all done.

Does Louis Vuitton give employee discounts?

The brand said they will be putting a stop to staff discounts as high as 90 percent for unsold products, with reductions now being capped at 75 percent. …

Does Gucci give employee discounts?

Gucci Employee Discount

50% off everything in store. 30% off other Kering house brands.

Do Morrisons staff discount?

Our colleagues ‘Make Morrisons‘. We’ll give you a discount card so you can enjoy 15% off your shopping at Morrisons, with no cap on savings. …

What are the shifts at Screwfix?

Either 2 6 hour shifts or 3 4 hour shifts, the shift pattens are over 7 days per week between the hours of 7am till 9pm depending…

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How often do you get paid at Screwfix?

5 answers. It’s monthly on the last working day of each month……and often incorrect. Monthly pay every last day of the month!

What should I wear to a screwfix interview?

Always dress in a smart and well-dressed manner for whatever job small or big. Dress smart wear a shirt and smart jeans with clean shoes.

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