How do you get free panda as a pet on free fire?

At level five, players get 7 HP upon killing a foe. It also has a skin called Wild Panda, and you have to spend 699 diamonds to get this pet.

What is the power of Detective panda?

The Detective Panda is one of the cutest pets available in the Free Fire game. Its unique skill Panda’s Blessing restores 4 HP upon killing a foe. This HP restoration increases to 7 when the pet reaches Level 5.

Which is the most safest place in free fire?

Cape Town is located on the far-east side of the Bermuda map and is very safe. Likewise, the town has closely placed houses and ample cover. The place also provides ample loot and low landing rate. Moreover, its in the extreme corner, making it one of the safest spots in the game.

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