How do I use my Sainsburys Discount online?

To use your card for Tu Clothing Online you must register your card by completing the Colleague Discount Registration form at You will receive an email within 5 days confirming your discount card is now ready for use when you shop.

Does Sainsbury’s staff discount work online?

The discount is applied not when you place the online order, but when it arrives from the store to you and will be shown on the receipt it comes with. I have used my colleague discount for several online orders since September but it has been applied to none of them.

Can you use Sainsburys points online?

You can also spend your Nectar points online. Redeem your points on an Evoucher first and then use this at the checkout. Visit for more details.

How do I redeem Nectar points online?

Just log into your online accounts and make sure your Nectar cards are linked. You can redeem Nectar points at the checkout stage.

Nectar FAQ’s for online purchases

  1. Log in to your account Select My Account.
  2. Go to My Cards.
  3. Click on Add Nectar Card.
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Do you get staff discount at Sainsburys?

Colleague discount card

12 weeks into your role, you’re eligible for a handy 10% off your shop. That’s every time you spend with Sainsbury’s, Argos or Habitat, in store and online.

Does Sainsburys discount work on alcohol?

Sainsbury’s employee discount only really applies to none temporary staff, after you pass your probation. 10% off all items (excludes beers, wines, spirits etc.) There is no discount for the Retail staff.

Does sainsburys have a points card?

Link your Nectar card to your online account and start collecting points* on your shopping at Swipe your card whenever you shop in store to collect points* on both little and big shops. Collect up to quadruple Nectar points with selected Sainsbury’s products. …

How can I save money at sainsburys?

Regularly shop at Sainsbury’s? Use these tips to save money when you shop online and in-store.

  1. Join the Nectar scheme.
  2. Boost your points.
  3. Use a Sainsbury’s credit card.
  4. Hunt down freebies & competitions.
  5. Discover the joy of the sales.
  6. Buy your wine twice a year.
  7. Invest in a delivery pass.
  8. Track down deals for new customers.

How do I get sainsburys vouchers?

Normally, customers get money-off coupons earned by collecting Nectar points with your receipt after you’ve paid, so that you can spend them on your next shop. But one shopper on HotUKdeals found that all you need to do to get hold of your coupons before you shop is your Nectar card.

Can I collect Nectar points from Argos?

Collecting points: You can now collect Nectar points on most purchases at Argos both online and in-store (see T&Cs for exceptions). … To collect points you just need to link your Nectar card to your Argos account to shop online, or take your Nectar card with you when shopping in-store.

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How long do Nectar points last?

Do Nectar points ever expire? There’s no automatic expiry date for Nectar points. But if you don’t collect or spend any points for a year, we assume you no longer want to take part in the Nectar programme and close your account. How many points do I collect for each £1 spent online?

What is the best way to use Nectar points?

Make the most of your Nectar points with partner organisations

  1. Book your holidays with Expedia.
  2. Grab a coffee at Caffe Nero.
  3. Online shopping through Nectar eShop website or partners.
  4. Use BP garages to fuel your car.
  5. Visit Vue Cinemas.
  6. Shop at Argos.

How much discount do Morrisons staff get?

Not only will you enjoy 10% off in our stores. You’ll benefit from over 1,500 discounts and cashback offers on everything from fashion and holidays to utilities and electronics.

How much do Sainsburys pay?

Sainsbury’s staff currently earn £9.30 an hour and Argos workers get £9 an hour, but this will rise to £9.50 from March. Staff at central London stores will see their hourly pay bounce to £10.10 per hour. A 3-per-cent annual bonus will also be paid, meaning a full-time worker will take home an extra £530.

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