How do I get my free appetizer at Olive Garden?

You have to sign up for Olive Garden eClub emails before you do anything else. You’ll receive a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert (up to a $10 value) with the purchase of two adult entrees. The coupon expires in two weeks.

How do you get free dessert at Olive Garden?

If you love free birthday food, be sure to head on over to Olive Garden where they are offering a FREE dessert during the month of your birthday when you join the Olive Garden eClub (free to join) – up to an $8.50 value, and no purchase appears to be required!

Are breadsticks free at Olive Garden?

Why Olive Garden Serves Unlimited Breadsticks

Of course, the best part isn’t the taste — it’s the fact that they’re unlimited during the entire visit.

Does Olive Garden have senior citizen discount?

Olive Garden restaurants do not offer age-related discounts like senior discounts. … AARP is a group dedicated to those over age 50; membership includes access to discounts on travel and entertainment, plus special offers at restaurants like Denny’s and Outback Steakhouse.

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Does Olive Garden give you anything free for your birthday?

Is there a free birthday offer in the restaurant? Olive Garden guests can receive a complimentary dessert on their birthday when they dine with us.

How can I get free Olive Garden?

Get a free appetizer or dessert.

To have your cake and eat it too at Olive Garden, all you need to do is sign up for the Olive Garden eClub. You will receive a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert (up to a $10 value) with the purchase of two adult entrees.

How do I check my Olive Garden rewards?

You can check your Olive Garden rewards balance from your rewards account by accessing it at the restaurant, by PC or mobile app. Information about your points balance and available rewards will be readily available.

How many breadsticks does Olive Garden give you to-go?

In a to-go order, you get 2 breadsticks per meal. if you wish to have more than 2, you can get 6 extra for a fee.

Do Olive Garden pick up orders come with breadsticks?

The first entrée also includes two breadsticks and salad or soup. If you want breadsticks and soup or salad for your free chilled meal, it’ll cost you $4.29 more. Choose an Olive Garden classic for your hot meal like: Spaghetti and Meat Sauce.

Can you go to Olive Garden just for salad and breadsticks?

Olive Garden will package up your Take Home Entree so it’s ready to go into the refrigerator. Only downside? Salad and breadsticks aren’t invited to this party.

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