How do I get a free breakfast at Premier Inn?

The secret to getting free breakfast at Premier Inn hotels is to become a shareholder in the brand’s parent company – Whitbread. “Shareholders with a holding of 64 shares or more are eligible to receive a shareholder benefits card. The Premier Inn and restaurant benefits are available through the shareholder card.

Can you have Premier Inn breakfast without staying?

Yes you can. Priced for hot or buffet breakfast. Don’t know how they charge for non resident children though.

Can I walk into a hotel and get free breakfast?

The answer to your question is clearly “no.” Firstly, if you walked into “any hotel” they might not even offer free breakfast. Secondly, many hotels that do have a free breakfast will have some kind of security measure in place.

How much is a full English breakfast at Premier Inn?

costs £7.95 per adult, for the full Premier Inn English breakfast (Continental plus cooked breakfast) costs £10.50 per adult.

Is Premier in doing eat out to help out?

Premier Inn restaurants will join the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme that starts next month. The chain, part of the Whitbread hotels and restaurants group, will be giving diners 50% off their food bill between Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Can you eat at a hotel without staying there?

Yes you can eat in the restaurant if you are not staying at the hotel just give them a ring to book a table. … Not sure as it’s a small restaurant .

Can you walk into a hotel and get breakfast?

The answer is very simple, At “large, posh” hotels you can absolutely come in to the restaurant (for breakfast, lunch or dinner) or the bars (for drinks) simply as a normal person, pay money, and eat/drink. The full service restaurants in “traditional” hotels are indeed simply “restaurant businesses as such”.

What is a complimentary breakfast?

A complimentary breakfast is simply a breakfast provided for free for guests, usually at hotels and resorts.

Does Premier Inn do breakfast?

Regardless of how you’re served, our Premier Inn Breakfast and continental breakfast are unlimited. Some of the restaurants next to our hotels are not owned by us. These restaurants may not be open or serving food during your stay date.

Do you get breakfast with Premier Inn?

Yes – although some hotels do not serve the Premier Inn Breakfast. … You can find the restaurant and menu options on the hotel description page.

Can you order takeaway to a Travelodge?

Yes you just need to meet the delivery driver outside as they aren’t allowed into the reception due to covid 19 restrictions. We ordered from just eat while we were there – from Mr Pizza and we were very happy with it !

How do you get free breakfast at Travelodge?

Breakfast to go

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Book on the extras page or purchase at Reception 24 hours a day. *Unlimited breakfast is only available where we have restaurants and bars ​located inside our hotels – our Bar Cafe hotels.

Do Travelodge refunds get Cancelled?

We will refund you the money you have paid for any nights cancelled (including for any food & beverage Extras; all other Extras are non-refundable), excluding any booking fees. As Saver Rate bookings are at discounted rates these bookings are not refundable in whole or in part.

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