How can I get unlimited diamonds for free?

How do you get unlimited diamonds?

Find bugs across the game and report it on the website by using your account. Players can earn 100 diamonds for a successful report. By working in teams, you can report the maximum number of bugs and earn up to 3000 diamonds.

How can I get free diamonds with no money?

How to get Free diamonds in Free fire without top up?

  1. Weekly or Monthly Membership. Rather than purchasing the diamonds by top-up, you can opt for a weekly or monthly Membership to save money. …
  2. Online Surveys. …
  3. Download new apps. …
  4. In-game events. …
  5. Free Google Play Credit.

How can I get unlimited diamonds in free fire legally?

Once you make it into the advance server, earning diamonds is pretty easy. Once you have created your account on advance servers, here is how you can earn Free Fire Diamonds for free: Find bugs across the game and report it on the website via your account. Players can earn 100 diamonds for a successful report.

How can I get 25000 diamonds for free?

Steps on how to get 25000 Diamonds in Free Fire

  1. Go to a website that generates currency, like this one.
  2. Enter your Free Fire username as prompted.
  3. Select your platform (iOS / Android )
  4. Enter the number of Diamonds or Coins you need.
  5. Click on “Generate
  6. Complete the following verification prompt to ensure you are human.
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How do you hack free fire diamond 99999 no human verification?

How to Free Fire Diamonds 99999 hack Without Human Verification apk download?

  1. Visit the Free Fire Diamonds 99999 hack Apk download page.
  2. Download the apk file.
  3. Install the apk file.
  4. Launch the apk and submit your FF player id.
  5. Select the number of diamonds and confirm.

How do you get Free Fire diamonds easily?

Google Opinion Rewards app is among the easiest ways to earn free diamonds on Free Fire. The app from the Mountain View company rewards users for taking part in surveys. For each survey, Google gives some Google Play Credits or Google Play balance, which you can then use to buy diamonds in Free Fire for free.

Which app is best for Free Fire diamond?

#1 Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best applications that players can use to get Free Fire diamonds at no cost. The app requires players to complete simple surveys in exchange for Google Play Balance or Play Credits. These credits can directly be used to purchase Free Fire diamonds.

Which Free Fire server gives free diamonds?

Free Fire OB29 Advance Server (OB29 Update Free Fire)

Some of these features are not even released to the public. You will get the chance to hunt for bugs and report them to the Free Fire team. This will earn you free diamonds and other rewards.

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