Frequent question: Is there Military discount for Statue of Liberty?

Friends and family of members of the military will be offered the usual military discount of $10. This invitation is courtesy of Statue Cruises and the National Park Service. Those looking to take advantage of the special military offer are encouraged to use the Liberty State Park departure area.

How much does it cost to go to the Statue of Liberty?

It is free to enter the Statue of Liberty. However, you must access it via the Ellis Island Ferry, which has a fee of $12 for visitors ages 13 and up. It’s $10 if you’re over 62 and $5 for children ages 4 through 12.

Can military ride MTA for free?

The Qualified METRO Veterans Pass (MVP) was approved by the Board of Directors as a permanent part of METRO’s fares. It provides qualified U.S. military veterans with free, unlimited rides on our light-rail, local bus and Park & Ride service.

What is the best time to go to Statue of Liberty?

The best time slot to choose is early in the morning: this will allow you to avoid the crowds that tend to take over the ferry at about 10-11am.

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How long is the ferry ride to Statue of Liberty?

How long is the entire trip? Sailing time to each island is approximately 15 minutes. If you remain on boat for ride only without visiting either monument, it will be one hour and fifteen minutes.

Is the T in Boston free?

You’ll pay a normal subway fare to ride. The Silver Line and Massport Shuttle from Logan Airport are both free. The Silver Line picks up and drops off at every terminal and connects to the Red Line at South Station. Transfers to the Red Line at South Station are free.

Does Subway offer military discount?

Subway does not have an official military discount, however, some franchise locations may offer a discount at the owner’s discretion. … On Veterans Day and Memorial Day, several restaurants offer complimentary meals or special deals. Some food franchises offer special military discounts all year round.

Does Uber offer a military discount?

What it is: Uber offers discounts and promotions to veterans for riders and drivers. … The company offers special promos, discounts, and in-app recognition, which means your driver will be notified that you are a veteran when they accept your ride. This is offered to both passengers and drivers for Uber who are veterans.

Who is the owner of Statue of Liberty?

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