Do Woolworths staff get a discount?

Eligible Woolworths team members can enjoy the benefits of a 5% discount when they spend $5 or more at Woolworths Supermarkets, BIG W, BWS, Thomas Dux and also in New Zealand Countdown stores.

How much discount does Woolworths employees get?

The staff get a discount of 5% on every shop.

What benefits do Woolworths employees get?

Member Benefits

  • Lifestyle. Extra value on health and fitness products. Delicious discounts on some of Australia’s favourite restaurants.
  • Gift Cards. Generous savings on over 35 brands. …
  • Experiences. Breathtaking discounts. …
  • Sales Events. Further discounts. …
  • Travel. Get carried away with discounts on airfares and accommodation.

How do I get a Woolworths staff discount card?

Log into and find PlusClub under “Everyday Rewards Plus” or visit – If you are a new member select ‘Register’ and follow the prompts. If you are an existing member simply select Login and fill in your member number (employee ID) and password.

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Do Coles staff get discounts?

Discounts to make your life easier and happier

As a Coles Group team member, you’ll receive discounts across all our internal brands – Coles, Coles Express, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor Market and

How much does Woolworths pay per hour Nightfill?

How much does a Nightfill at Woolworths Group make? The typical Woolworths Group Nightfill salary is $24 per hour. Nightfill salaries at Woolworths Group can range from $22 – $30 per hour.

How much does Nightfill at Coles pay?

How much does a Nightfill at Coles make? The typical Coles Nightfill salary is $24 per hour. Nightfill salaries at Coles can range from $17 – $30 per hour.

Why should I work at Woolworths?

Why do you want to work at Woolworths? State you enjoy the product and the service you get at Woolworths and because of this, you would be proud to represent them. Mention you like to work for a company that is so committed to the environment.

Where can I use my Woolworths team card?

Everyday Rewards members can:

Members collect a minimum of 1 point for every* dollar they spend when they shop in-store or online at Woolworths supermarkets, BWS, BIG W, participating Caltex and Caltex Woolworths/EG (operated by Euro Garages Australia)~.

Can you use Woolworths staff discount at Dan Murphy’s?

Can I link my Woolworths team discount card to my Dan Murphy’s account? Yes, you can! … Please know that you don’t get discounts off items unless they are Pinnacle items.

Can family members use Woolworths discount card?

Discount Card is for personal/household use only and not for goods for resale. by the person whose name appears on the card. … See the WOW People Discount Card Policy.

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How do I get a new Woolworths staff card?

Log in to your Everyday Rewards account (if you are unable to login to your account see instructions below) Select “My Account” in the top right corner. Select “Cards & Accounts” Scroll to “Order a New Card

Do I need to activate my Woolworths rewards card?

Yes, you can. Select ‘Activate Card’ for the card you want to activate; Follow the prompts. Once the card has been successfully activated, it will take up to 10 minutes for your card to be available through your Woolworths Money App.

Where can you use Coles staff discount?

The Coles discount card can be used at Coles supermarkets, Coles market, Coles express, liquor stores, Kmart, Liquorland, and Target. You also find some Coles gift cards issued by the company using which you get discounts on shopping and other facilities.

What is the hourly rate at Coles?

Coles Salaries

Job Title Salary
Coles Team Member salaries – 106 salaries reported $22/hr
Customer Service Representative salaries – 78 salaries reported $23/hr
Customer Service salaries – 56 salaries reported $22/hr
Cashier salaries – 50 salaries reported $22/hr

Can I use my Kmart discount card at Coles?

You get a 5% staff discount that you can use at Kmart and all other brands associated, such as Coles and Target.

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