Can I get joy con drift fixed for free?

Since the issue is widespread, Nintendo actually offers to fix Joy-Con drift for free (and has allegedly fixed the issue on newer Joy-Cons).

Can you get Joycon drift repaired for free?

If you are currently experiencing this “Joy-Con Drift” issue, be sure to go to to submit a ticket so you can get yours repaired for free. If you have an existing or completed repair order, call in (US & Canada) to 1-855-548-4693 to get your refund.

Is Nintendo fixing Joy-Con drift for free 2021?

Switch owners have been reporting Joy-Con drift problems for years, and the problem is bad enough that it’s the subject of numerous lawsuits — though Nintendo will unofficially fix controllers experiencing Joy-Con drift for free, even if you’re out of warranty.

Will Nintendo replace drifting joy cons for free?

The company will now repair drifting JoyCon controllers for free, even if your controllers are outside the regular warranty. But Nintendo hasn’t changed the design of the controllers, and it’s still an issue today, even on the refreshed Switch models that launched last year.

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Does gamestop fix joy cons for free?

The company will repair devices free of charge, even outside of the warranty period.

Is Joycon drift fixed?

Nintendo Switch: Joy-Con drift errors can be fixed quickly and reliably with cardboard. A YouTuber has shown how to fix Joy-Con drift, a common issue of many Nintendo Switch controllers. A little manual skill is required, but the fix is easy to carry out and reliable.

Why do Joycons break so easily?

Nintendo Switch controllers break fairly easily as they are made out of cheap plastic and are not built very durable compared to the rest of the gaming system. The analog stick is normally the first thing to break on the JoyCon controllers.

Is Nintendo still repairing Joycons for Free 2021?

If you’re one of the Nintendo Switch owners who has experienced “drifting” issues with the company’s Joy-Con controllers, you may be able to have your controller(s) repaired by Nintendo completely free of charge!

How long is Joy-Con warranty?

Be it an issue with the Joy-Con, kickstand, or something else, you are covered by Nintendo’s limited warranty for 12 months. That’s the standard length for any Nintendo console, including the Switch and the Nintendo 3DS line. Games and accessories sold separately carry a three-month warranty.

Are Nintendo repairs free?

If your Nintendo Switch joysticks are becoming unreliable, pointing your game in random directions even if you haven’t physically pushed them that way, you may be experiencing “Joy-Con Drift.” And though Nintendo hasn’t officially admitted to a defect, the company is now quietly repairing the controllers free of charge

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How do I get rid of Joy-Con drift?

Push the affected Joy-Con stick back gently and, using the tool, lift up the tiny rubber skirt around the base so you can see under it. Squirt the tiniest amount of cleaner into the gap you’ve made, release the rubber skirt and gently massage the stick in all the directions it can go in.

Why are switch Joycons so expensive?

Joycons are expensive to manufacture. They pack a lot of tech into a small space. Teardowns indicated that Nintendo was originally selling them at a loss, though parts may have got cheaper over time.

Why is my left Joy-Con not working?

Ensure your console has the latest system update. Ensure the Joy-Con have the latest controller firmware installed. Remove any skins or covers from the problematic Joy-Con, if any, and calibrate the control sticks.

Does GameStop accept drifting joy cons?

If you have Joy-Con drift, this deal is a win win. Just call ahead to your local GameStop and make sure you can do the transfer in-store.

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