Can I ask Dell for a discount?

Request the coupon that corresponds to the item you want to purchase. 3. Initiate a chat session (chat is only to be used for price match). … As long as the price match follows the rules and regulations stated on, you will receive your discount on the price matched item.

Can I negotiate with Dell?

Dell EMC is one of the most difficult suppliers to negotiate with, consistently inflicting price increases and premiums on their customers.

How much of a discount do Dell employees get?

VMware employees are invited to participate in Dell’s Employee Purchase program. As a Dell Technologies employee, you can save an additional 17% off Dell Consumer PCs and E&A, Small Business PCs, and Dell outlet PCs.

Does Dell let you stack coupons?

Dell occasionally offers coupons that may stack with a shopping portal. … Your safest bet is to use a coupon code you see listed on your shopping portal of choice (some popular Dell coupons can often be found listed on shopping portals).

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How do you politely ask for a lower price?

You say something like, “Okay, I’ll agree to this price if you will throw in free delivery.” If they hesitate about adding something else into the deal. You can say in a pleasant way, “If you won’t include free delivery, then I don’t want the deal at all.”

How can I get the best deal from Dell?

11 Ways to Save when Shopping at Dell

  1. Use Dell coupons and coupon codes. …
  2. Shop the Dell Outlet store. …
  3. Get free shipping. …
  4. Take advantage of Dell price matching. …
  5. Get a military discount. …
  6. Use the Dell Member Purchase program. …
  7. Join the Dell Rewards program. …
  8. Shop the Dell Deals section.

Do Dell employees get discount on laptops?

Yes, employees can get EPP discount on purchasing a laptop for a friend.

How do I get Dell EPP discount?

Visit the exclusive Dell EPP store at DELL.COM/EPPBUY and enter Member ID: us49133692 or call 1-800-695-8133. Choose from the monthly specials which are preloaded with a lot of great features. Built exclusively for EPP members, these systems offer additional savings, providing you with the best value on a Dell Home PC.

What is member price on Dell?

Introducing the Dell Member Purchase Program. Enjoy perks and savings on the latest Dell products and select electronics and accessories. … If eligible product is returned for a refund after the card has been redeemed, the value of the redeemed card will be deducted from the refund amount.

Can you use multiple discounts on Dell?

Dell allows for only one Dell promo code per purchase. You cannot combine multiple coupons on the Dell website. If a customer attempts to use more than one coupon code for a purchase, only the coupon with the greatest discount will be applied.

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Can you apply more than one coupon on Dell?

Click Apply Coupon. … If you have multiple coupons, you can enter a new Coupon Code each time you click Apply Coupon. After you click Apply Coupon, the discount and coupon will be calculated into your total cost.

How do I use my Dell employee discount?

Provide the agent with the Dell sku or e-value code, the link to the item on another website, and your employee coupon code. As long as the price match follows the rules and regulations stated on, you will receive your discount on the price matched item.

Which Dell laptop is best for students?

The Dell XPS 13 is a serious workhorse and the best premium laptop for college students. Powered by an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, the notebook is ready for work or play. And with more than 11 hours of battery life, you’ve got plenty of time for both.

Which laptop brands give student discount?

Find The Best Students Concession and Discounts

  • Lenovo Laptops. Lenovo’s Student Discount offers you up to 20% off on laptops. …
  • Microsoft. Microsoft empowers every student to explore and update themselves with the best technology. …
  • HP.

Is Dell membership free?

There is no fee to join and no ongoing membership fee. Is Dell Rewards the same as “My Account” on No, but members use My Account to track rewards. For customers who don’t have a “My Account,” an account will be created with registration.

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