Best answer: How do you get free food from KFC?

How do I get a free meal from KFC?

To claim your freebie at KFC customers just have to download KFC’s Colonel’s Club app for free on Android or iOS. The deals should then appear under the “my rewards” tab in the offers sections.

Can you get free delivery from KFC?

KFC is doing us the ultimate favour and offering FREE DELIVERY on literally ALL their orders placed through Menulog across Australia for the Easter long weekend.

How can I get free fast food?

Free fast food really is just a click away (on your phone no less) when you download many of the major fast food chain apps.

22 Restaurants Where You Can Score Free Fast Food

  1. Auntie Anne’s. …
  2. Applebee’s. …
  3. Baja Fresh. …
  4. Baskin Robbins. …
  5. Carvel. …
  6. Chick-fil-A. …
  7. Dairy Queen. …
  8. Del Taco.

Is the KFC app worth it?

Is KFC online food ordering Legit? Yes. KFC online food ordering is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 614 KFC online food ordering User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not.

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How much does KFC delivery cost?

How much does KFC charge for delivery? The charge for delivery differs depending on the delivery app you choose. Orders through Menulog are charged a minimum of $1.99 for delivery. If you are a new customer to DoorDash, you can avail of free delivery for 30 days on orders over $10.

Will KFC open after lockdown?

KFC is operating business as usual, although you cannot sit in and dine currently. But takeaway, drive-through and delivery services are operating as usual. “We’ll open dine-in areas again when it’s safe to do so, when that time comes we’ll let you know. …

How does KFC online ordering work?

You can order at the front counter and take your food to go, or you can order online at and pick up your meal at the designated area at the front counter. … And across the U.S., we’ll be offering free delivery through April 26 via

What day is KFC deal?

Chicken Tuesday. 9 for £5.99: Get 9 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken on the bone for just £5.99 on Tuesdays.

Is KFC still doing 9 pieces for 5.99 Tuesdays?

KFC fans can tuck into nine pieces of chicken for just £5.99 from the end of this month as the fast-food chain is bringing back its popular “Chicken Tuesdays” deal. The offer starts on June 30 and runs until August 18 but as the name suggests it’s ONLY available in branches on Tuesdays.

How do I get 50% off KFC?

To use these offers in restaurant simply scan your app at the front counter and tell your cashier that you would like the 50% OFF deal added to your order. Although you can only use the discount once per per transaction – so you need to order individually if you’re buying for more than one person.

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Why did KFC stop making krushers?

The only response on KFC’s Facebook page was from John in customer service, who said the store had stopped selling krushers in many locations for a “number of reasons, such as maintenance costs.”

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