Best answer: How do I use my Morrisons discount online?

Can you use Morrisons discount code online?

We may make vouchers available to you electronically which can be used for your online shopping on our groceries website or app. We do not accept any other vouchers on this website or mobile app (including, vouchers obtained in-store).

Remember while waiting for your card your can use the Digital Version of your card on your More App – Simply click login to your My Morrisons app, click on the card icon and scan your device instead of the card while your waiting.

How does Morrisons discount work?

We’ll give you a discount card so you can enjoy 15% off your shopping at Morrisons, with no cap on savings. You can also nominate two of your family or friends to receive 10% discount with an annual savings cap of £1,000 each.

How do I use my Morrisons e voucher?

How do the Gift Cards work? You can order a Gift Card online and it’ll be posted to the recipient’s home address, removing the need for you to handle physical money, or pass your payment card details on to the recipient. The recipient can then use the Gift Card at any checkout in any Morrisons store in the UK.

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How do you get 10% off at Morrisons?

Teachers and school staff can claim the 10% discount on their groceries by presenting their school photo ID card at the till in any of Morrisons 498 stores from Monday 2 November. The special hour of shopping also applies in most stores on a Sunday from 9am.

How do I get my Morrisons NHS discount online?

Those wanting to use the discount on an online shop will need to sign up for the Morrisons NHS Club in order to receive the discount. You can register for this on the Morrisons website. Morrisons also currently offer an NHS hour at the beginning of every day from 6am to 7am.

Are Morrisons stopping more points?

The shake-up of its Morrisons More programme will mean customers can no longer collect points – from next week they will receive digital coupons via an app. Shoppers currently get five points for every £1 they spend in stores, which they can then turn into vouchers.

Does Morrisons give NHS discount?

If you are not a Morrisons More Club member in order to receive a discount in store you must present a valid NHS ID badge to claim the discount at the till. The NHS staff member must be present for the transaction to claim the discount. It cannot be passed to a friend or family member.

Can I add Morrisons points from receipt?

Under the old scheme, if you forgot your Morrisons More card, you could have points added to your receipt instead. You can then transfer these from your receipt to your loyalty card at the in-store customer services desk. … You cannot add points from more than two receipts in any 14-day period.

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How much does Morrisons pay per hour?

Morrisons minimum hourly pay currently stands at £9.20 an hour***. Today’s announcement means that since 2015, Morrisons pay has increased by over 46%. Three quarters of the costs of the increase will be met by direct payroll investment and a quarter by changing the discretionary annual colleague bonus scheme.

Do Morrisons staff get fuel discount?

You get 10%discount on all items excluding alcohol and the usual stuff cigarettes and petrol ect….

Can family use Morrisons discount card?

We’ll give you a discount card so you can enjoy 10% off your shopping at Morrisons. We’ll also provide you with two extra cards you can pass onto your friends or members of your family.

Can you use someone else’s Morrisons vouchers?

We do not accept any other coupons on this website or mobile app (including, coupons obtained in-store). … Each coupon will contain specific details explaining how it works but we have also set out some general terms here.

Can Morrisons vouchers be used for petrol?

You can redeem your Morrisons Gift Card in any Morrisons supermarket, including Morrisons petrol stations, with the exception of Gift Card or lottery purchases.

Can you spend Morrisons more vouchers on fuel?

You will no longer receive any Morrisons More points when you shop instore or online, visit the café or fill up on fuel. If you have a physical Morrisons More card, you can continue to use it to track your shopping so the offers you receive will be tailored to you but you won’t get any more points.

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