Best answer: How do I get extra discount on zomato?

How do I get 50 percent off zomato?

1. Zomato new user coupon code: Get flat 50% off on first order

  1. Use promo code GET50 to avail of the offer.
  2. Valid only on the first food order.
  3. The maximum discount you can help with is Rs.150.
  4. It is a limited time period offer.
  5. The offer is available for all the cities.

Does zomato give 50% off first 5 orders?

Offer valid on first order at zomato only. You can also use coupon code ZOMATONEW to get 50% off upto Rs. 100 on first 5 orders.

How do I get 60 off zomato?

Zomato 60% Off Promo Code| Paytm Offer

  1. Both old and new customers can redeem the deal.
  2. The minimum order amount is Rs.159.
  3. The maximum discount is Rs.150.
  4. Enter the Zomato promo code WELCOMEPTM at the checkout.
  5. Order your food through Zomato app and website.
  6. Make payment with Paytm wallet.

Why Zomato is giving 50 off?

Zomato launched food delivery in 2015; it now has presence in 24 countries. The first thing we check when we order from the food delivery giant is discount offers and if the prices have been slashed by 50%, the discount is borne by the Restaurant 40% and the rest 10% is borne by Zomato.

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How do I get 100 discount on Zomato?


  1. Minimum order of Rs.299 is required to avail this offer.
  2. Offer is valid 5 times per customer per month.
  3. Pay via Paytm wallet to get flat Rs.100 off on your next order.
  4. Apply Zomato promo code to get 1000 Paytm cashback points.

Is Swiggy or Zomato better?

When assessing the two solutions, reviewers found Zomato easier to use. However, Swiggy is easier to set up and administer. Reviewers also preferred doing business with Swiggy overall. Reviewers felt that Zomato meets the needs of their business better than Swiggy.

Is Zomato first order free?

Now, get your first meal for free with Zomato.

What is the minimum order for Zomato?

For instance, Zomato has adopted a staggered delivery charge for consumers, depending on the distance, order value and restaurant. Consumers pay anywhere from Rs 16 — the base charge — to more than Rs 45 for small-value orders in Bengaluru. The company previously made deliveries free beyond a certain limit.

What is zomato promo?

Zomato is here with flat ₹ 75 off on online food orders from Anjali’s Kitchen. To avail the discount, you need to use the Zomato promo code FLAT75. The online food delivery deal is valid for selected customers with order value of ₹ 159 or above. This Zomato code can be grabbed once per user.

How do I get my first order free on Swiggy?

As soon as you download the mobile app, sign up and enter the referral code when prompted. This will give you an Rs. 100 OFF Swiggy voucher for your first order.

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Why does zomato charge for delivery?

Zomato will pay delivery partners more because of the high fuel prices, the company announced on Thursday. The Gurugram-based company said that the revised pay structure would include an additional component of distance pay that would be pegged to adapt changes in fuel prices.

How do I avoid zomato delivery charges?

Delivery charge is total owned by Zomato, restaurant will not get a single peny from it.

For Zomato :

  1. They offer 50% off almost regularly. Check their offers section.
  2. Pay via PayTM for handsome cashbacks.
  3. Burn your piggybank coins to pay for 10% of the order.
  4. Order before 7 pm for better offers and faster delivery.

How can I get free food online?

Whether you’re looking for free groceries or meals, here’s how to get free food online.

  1. Free Appetizers: Wild Wing Café Loyalty Club Membership.
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