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Area 51 Roswell, GA
5100 Commerce Parkway   Roswell, GA 30076   Aurora Cineplex: 770.518.0977  The Fringe: 770.518.0788

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3D Movies Available

Family Fun has arrived at Roswell Town Center!

Welcome to Aurora Cineplex, your neighborhood theatre at Area 51 in Roswell! Come and enjoy top Hollywood films on opening day. Each house offers comfortable seating with high back rockers and movable armrests. Our fully serviced projection equipment offers amazing quality and digital sound. For 3D, we’re the place to watch movies.

You’ll find our friendly staff and exceptional service unlike any other theatre in the metro area. We offer
online ticketing, convenient ticketing kiosks, and you can purchase your tickets and concessions in a single transaction.

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Aurora Theaters Roswell, GA

The closely mowed area of grass just off the putting surface, surrounding the green is what golfers refer to as “the fringe.”

The Fringe at Area 51 lays just outside the entryway to Aurora Cineplex. Home to two 18-hole, family-friendly miniature golf courses, The Fringe is a enjoyable place to “putt up” your best shot.

Groups of all sizes and backgrounds – including Fortune 500 companies; small businesses; school, youth and camping groups; scout troop and sports teams – will find that a trip to The Fringe is an entertaining way to relax, have fun and ‘hit a few.’ A unique way to build camaraderie, a round at The Fringe is a golf outing where everyone can play!

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Home to two 18-hole, family-friendly miniature golf courses


The AREA 51 story

Area 51 founders Lonnie Mimms and Micheal Pardue, both executives with Mimms Enterprises, Inc., and Wendy Floyd of the Malon D. Mimms Company are all self-avowed pop culture fanatics who share an appreciation for high technology, video games, 60’s sci-fi movies and the showmanship of Walt Disney and P.T. Barnum. They also share a passion for Roswell, the city in which they all live, work and are raising their families. The name “Area 51” is an obvious nod to the Area 51 in Nevada and an extraterrestrial link to another Roswell (in New Mexico) – not to mention a great match to the street location at 5100 Commerce Parkway where the trio has created Aurora Cineplex and The Fringe miniature golf.